About Us


Who is responsible for all this cuteness?

Within the heart of Dunn, North Carolina, Constance R. Spell is hard at work  designing and crafting these  adorable  little harnesses.  And like Santa has elves, Constance has her little   elite team of  seamstresses.  All senior citizens to include herself.  Old school, like the elves, they work diligently and with a keen eye for perfection.  


Harnesses with ruffles, oh my!

Constance loves ruffles and eyelet.  When was the last time you have seen eyelet on a harness?  At Sophie's choice you will.  It's nothing for Constance to take beautiful  fabric and top shelf eyelet, create her own ruffles and spend hours on each harness to make each piece special and flawless.  They are truly a collectors item.  


Safety and comfort is our number one priority.

Our harnesses were designed with safety in mind.  Small dogs are vulnerable.  We are able to hoist our small dogs up quickly with a standard leash.  We prefer to use our four foot leashes.  Their just the right length for walking and reacting to cars, unleashed dogs, and things our dogs could fall through or in between when their small little bodies.